GAMES WORKSHOP CITADEL Sylvaneth Parade Ready Paint Bundle

GAMES WORKSHOP CITADEL Sylvaneth Parade Ready Paint Bundle

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The forests, glades, and fens of the Mortal Realms are rarely idyllic paradises – they're beautiful, yes, but fraught with anger, for the bitter Sylvaneth protect them with a jealous rage. This paint set will give you all the colours you need to paint your vengeful tree spirits up to a Parade Ready standard in the browns and greens of a dark, foreboding forest. You’ll also get a pot of mud-effect texture paint to finish off their bases, and even save money when compared with buying the included paints separately.

This bundle includes 24 pots of paint:

1 x Abaddon Black
1 x Fenrisian Grey
1 x Dark Reaper
1 x Agrax Earthshade
1 x Dryad Bark
1 x Gorthor Brown
1 x Baneblade Brown
1 x Deathworld Forest
1 x Athonian Camoshade
1 x Elysian Green
1 x Ogryn Camo
1 x Waaagh! Flesh
1 x Nuln Oil
1 x Warpstone Glow
1 x Moot Green
1 x XV-88
1 x Tau Light Ochre
1 x Ungor Flesh
1 x Stegadon Scale Green
1 x Coelia Greenshade
1 x Temple Guard Blue
1 x Mechanicus Standard Grey
1 x Administratum Grey
1 x Stirland Mud

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Steven Gray
Products never arrived

Despite chasing after a week, my delivery has never arrived. The information I was given did not match with what Evri were claiming and nothing has progressed on their website for nearly 2 weeks. I appreciate this is likely an EVRI issue, but you are responsible for your choice of courier, and this experience is terrible. These were supposed to be a gift for my son.